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Finish First Polish/Finish 16oz. Can

Polishes   auto & boat   Item Number: LT100f - AD Number: ( 1130275123 )
Finish First Polish/Finish 16oz. Can$19.50
Item Description 
LIQUI-TECH FINSIH FIRST World Class Auto Polish/Finish A sensational synthetic formula that cleans without scratching and leaves a showroom shine all in one easy step. After years of extensive research and testing FINISH FIRST is on the leading edge of paint protection technology. You can depend on FINISH FIRST to provide your vehicle with a quality of protection that exceeds what you’ve come to expect from ordinary auto waxes and finishes.
The high-performance polymer polish/finish applies smoothly to fill high and low spots in the finish to remove light surface scratches and swirl marks. However, FINISH FIRST will not haze, crack, chip, or peel. It is safe to use on painted surfaces (foreign and domestic), acrylics, enamels, metallic, clear coats, metals, fiberglass, glass, plastics,  and any other hard, impermeable surface. FINISH FIRST gives an extraordinary, mirror-like shine and luster to automobiles, trucks, boats, aircrafts, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and more.
FINISH FIRST gives your vehicle a dynamic barrier that resists tar, bugs, tree sap, oil, gasoline, overspray, road salt, acid rain, and other airborne pollutants. Once FINISH FIRST is applied, all it takes is a quick wash to remove even the most stubborn elements.
The versatile polish can also be used within the home on kitchen counter tops, stove tops, bathroom tile, mirrors, windows, fixtures, guns, and much, much more.
Apply FINISH FIRST POLISH to cleaned vehicle surface
Place 4 dime-sized drops of FINISH FIRST POLISH on applicator pad or a clean soft cloth. Wipe onto an approximately 2-sq. ft. area using back and forth motion. Apply to entire vehicle's painted surface at one time. A thin, even application of FINISH FIRST works best. Using thick coats is wasteful and will cause excess dust upon removal. Allow FINISH FIRST to "cure" a minimum of 1 hour to overnight before removing. This important step allows for maximum durability as well as filling of fine scratches and swirl marks. During the curing phase, there is no such thing as " too long", but we recommend a minimum of 1 hour. While FINISH FIRST is curing, use this time to clean the interior, tires, windows and other areas to complete the detailing process.  

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