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Cycle Finish Polish/Finish 8 oz.
Liqui-Tech Cycle Finish is formulated for today's motorcycle surfaces, especially clear coated paints. A sensational synthetic formula that cleans without scratching and leaves a deep glossy shine all in one easy step. Cycle Finish gives your bike a dynamic barrier that resists tar, bugs tree sap, oil, gasoline, over spray, road film and other airborne pollutants. A warmed over car wax is just not good enough for your Iron Horse. It deserves Cycle Finish!

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Cycle Finish Polish/Finish 8 oz.

Motorcycle   motorcycle   Item Number: LT1000 - AD Number: ( 1133912359 )
Cycle Finish Polish/Finish 8 oz. $11.50
Item Description 
Apply CYCLE FINISH POLISH/FINISH to painted areas  
Place 1 dime-sized drop of CYCLE FINISH POLISH on a clean cloth or applicator pad. Wipe onto an approximately 1-sq. ft. area using back and forth motion. Apply to entire motorcycle's painted surface at one time. A thin, even application of CYCLE FINISH works best. Using thick coats is wasteful and will cause excess dust upon removal. Allow CYCLE FINISH to "cure" a minimum of 1 hour to overnight before removing. This important step allows for maximum durability as well as filling of fine scratches and swirl marks. During the curing phase, there is no such thing as " too long", but we recommend a minimum of 1 hour. While CYCLE FINISH is curing, use this time to clean seat, tires, windshield and other areas to complete the detailing process.

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