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Specially formulated for today's clear coats and other paints. This synthetic, no-wax formula works on all surfaces including older vehicles, boats and aircraft!

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16oz. Finish Fast Spray Enhancer/Detailer

Finish   detailing   Item Number: LT400 - AD Number: ( 1131148545 )
16oz. Finish Fast Spray Enhancer/Detailer$8.80
Item Description 
This synthetic spray enhancer is designed to keep your vehicle looking like it was just detailed everyday. The secret to maintaining that show room look for life is to remove surface contaminants before they etch into your vehicle's finish. Things like bird, bee and bug droppings, pollen, tree sap, diesel exhaust, over spray, industrial fallout, acid rain, hard water marks, and even dust clouds all have the potential to do permanent damage if not dealt with quickly. FINISH FAST is your quick solution. Carry it in your vehicle for ready use whenever contamination strikes to restore brilliant, long lasting high gloss. FINISH FAST will eliminate the needless work and hassle of washing your vehicle to remove light dust and dirt for a quick clean up. This non-abrasive, no detergent formula will renew and extend the life of your polish/finish. Formulated for use in direct sunlight without fear of streaking or staining, FINISH FAST also works great on glass and chrome. In just a few minutes your car will have that just polished look. FINISH FAST has been the choice of show car professionals world wide for quick clean ups before judging. Whenever you use FINISH FAST, it will not fingerprint!

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